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"Her judgment and her drafting skills are excellent. I know because I recently won a judgment (including damages, attorneys' fees, and expenses) based on a contractor agreement she drafted and we negotiated. I highly recommend her services and expertise. She's great to work with and gives one peace of mind."   

CEO, Software Co., Orange County 

Do you have the correct Sales, Vendor, and Marketing Agreements in place to protect your business? Have you incorporated your business to help insulate you from personal liability? Do you have the proper employment, NDA, and contractor agreements in place? 

If you have an online presence, through a website or social media site, consider our Flat Fee Legal Programs: 

  • Website Launch Program
  • Website Audit Program
  • Privacy Compliance Program.

U.S. and International Legal Services Include: 

  • Contracts: Vendor, Reseller, International Reseller, Master Service Agreements, and Complex RFPs
  • Sponsorship and Strategic Alliance Agreements
  • Advertising, Merchandising, and Marketing Agreements
  • Contract Management and Sales Policy, Process, and Documents
  • Social Media Laws, including California Laws (Blogs, Tweets,  FB Posts, Instagram and Pinterest Endorsements)
  • Business Incorporation and Operating Agreements
  • Privacy and Data Security Issues, including EU GDPR, HIPAA, the HITECH Act, COPPA
  • Confidentiality Agreements and NDAs
  • Contractor and Employment Agreements including "Work For Hire" Agreements​, Employment Guidelines, Non-Competes
  • Real Estate Agreements (Transactions and Leases)