Flat Fee Programs

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STARTUP PROGRAM: A Small Investment Now Can Save You Time And Money In The Future.

This  comprehensive legal program allows your website to be up and running  effectively and in compliance with state, federal, and international  laws. We offer a reasonable flat fee for this program, rather than an hourly fee. You receive all of the documents, policies, and processes  you need. Be sure that your company's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy,  Disclaimers, and other licensing agreements provide the protection that  your company needs. Help insulate your company from your greatest risks…third party and consumer protection liability Consider too,  copyright and trademark protections.

All for a flat fee, not an hourly fee, so that you can plan for your legal expenses. 

WEBSITE AUDIT PROGRAM: Receive the Documents, Policies, and Processes You Need.

Technology law  changes as often as technology itself. If you have a website or social  media presence, then these changes affect you and your business. We  recommend that you if already have a website, you invest in a Website Audit, to be sure that your company is compliant with current state, federal and international laws. Our initial analysis will outline any  potential liability issues. We tailor our program to meet your  industry-specific needs. We may analyze the following: Terms of Use and  Privacy Policy; Intellectual Property; Content Licensing and Software Agreements; Digital Rights Management;  Email Policy; Linking Policy; Advertising Policy; Social Media Policy:  Metatag Usage; Copyright Protection and Enforcements; Trademark  Protection and Enforcement; Privacy Issues; Data Collection Process; Third Party Providers; and  compliance with California laws, and federal laws and regulations, including  The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, CAN-SPAM, the FTC, HIPAA,  EU GDPR, and The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We provide the counsel and the  solutions, all for a flat fee, not an hourly fee, so that you can plan  for your legal expenses. 

PRIVACY COMPLIANCE PROGRAM: Receive the Documents, Policies, and Processes You Need.

Make  sure that you are protecting yourself and your company from liability  that arises from privacy laws. It's not just the federal laws and regulations that should concern you, many states have passed strict  privacy laws, with California leading the way.  

Darlene was among the first attorneys to work on privacy issues, working with the top expert on children's online privacy who advised the FTC and others in drafting the Children Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). 

Our  initial analysis will outline any potential liability issue. We tailor  a program to meet your industry-specific needs so that you have the  documents, policies, and processes to help ensure that you meet the  compliance requirements and best practices. We will draft your Terms of  Use and Privacy Policy, and in so doing, analyze various processes and  practices including: your data collection process; third party provider data collection practices; online and offline data collection; your website front-end and backend issues; user-interaction; and your marketing and advertising practices. We will provide you with  what you need to know regarding relevant laws, including The Children's  Online Privacy Protection Act, DMCA, EU GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH Act, and FOIA  requests. And we will provide you with the documents and processes to help ensure compliance. 

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Contact us for a short consultation to find out if a program meets your needs. These programs allow you to easily budget your fees for website compliance, trademark or copyright registrations, licenses, and more.